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Young and Plump Mommy

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Becky is a beautiful, plump and busty Mommy. Whenever we talk with Becky she is very charming and her smile is contagious. She tells us casual is her comfort zone and would rather enjoy a movie and popcorn at home. She also hates wearing bras, heels and slinky skirts. Blue jeans, an old T-Shirt and no panties make her feel her sexiest.

Busty Mommy

Becky breast fed her children and if you love her udders now you should have see them she was actively feeding. Her milk was sweet and her pussy was always  soaking wet when was done.  Becky would masturbate frequently after her maternal duties were done.

She enjoys playing the doting mother to her fantasy “Little Boy” who she wants to nourish and fulfill like all good mothers do.  Don’t be shy when your “Mommy” has filled your belly up since she needs a special treat only you can deliver.

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Becky understands all her “boys” need some strong discipline on occasion if they are going to grow up to be productive members of society. Someday they will have to please a lady and knowing how to satisfy her is key to being a grown up man.

Mommy Becky enjoys catching all her boys and girls masturbating and cant wait to watch them enjoy a healthy climax. She also wants to be your first lovemaking experience and hopes you make a mess in her mouth or her bald pussy.

We hope you check her out, enjoy her revealing photos then give her a call when your ready.

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