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Hello everyone I hope you’re all doing as well as I am right now, My name is Ilana. The other night I felt so bored, and needed to get out of the house, but  couldn’t think of anything to do, I laid in bed masturbated and took a quick nap. After my nap I checked my emails and poured a cup of coffee into my favorite wonder woman coffee mug. On email caught my eye with the subject heading, “One Night You wont want to miss!” so I opened it and saw there was a special event at one of my favorite night clubs. Quickly  I raced to the shower, got all nice & squeaky clean, and dried off, blew dry my hair, curled it, put on some make up, dark grey and black sultry smoky eye, bronze blush, and a sultry deep red lipstick and a clingy, short black bandage dress that served my tits up nice and tight. I slipped on some lace thigh high black stockings, a sky high pair of stilettos. I spritzed some perfume on my wrist, cleavage, and a splash on my pussy, and slipped on a very skimpy black lace thong. When I arrived at the club and scanned the room for the perfect cock to my pound my wet, pussy. A couple old fat, greasy pigs, attempted to hit on me, and I just simply shooed them away. I settled up to the bar sipping my cosmopolitan, there were plenty of guys there that wanted to fuck me but none I wanted anything to do with. Than suddenly a gravely voice asked “May I buy you another?” I turned around and faced a 6’2, dark skinned, blonde, muscular gentleman, in a dark grey suit. I smiled coyly and nodded yes.

Cock LoverWe talked for about 15 min, than, I could suddenly feel his hands grazing my arm, down my torso, onto my hips and now slowly heading for the edge of my skirt, than I felt his rough but soft hands circling my clit outside my thong which was now soaked with my pussy juice. Just as I was ready to surrender right there in front of everyone he took my hand and said “follow me” I followed him into the empty men’s room. His hands wrapped around my waist and lifted me up onto the edge of the sink and put my long legs over his shoulders. For a minute he simply enjoyed the view of my soaked black lace panties peeking out under my skirt than he started kissing, almost caressing my ankles with his lips. Slowly he brushed is lips up towards my calves, than up towards my knees, than all the way up my thigh. Finally I felt his wet tongue licking my pussy on the outside of my panties, then shoving it through the lace into my tight eagerly awaiting pussy. Quickly he pulled his tongue out, and slowly bit the right string on my thong and pulling my soaked panties off. he licked the crotch of my thong  and as he tucks them into his pocket and says “I’ll keep these as a little souvenir.”

Oral Sex Expert Before I knew it his lips were back around my pussy lips my legs dangling over his shoulders quivering.. Than he pulled down his pants and says “ready for your treat?” I immediately get on my knees, and start sucking like I’d never get the chance to suck cock again. IT WAS MASSIVE, at least 11 inches and my eyes turned red and began to water as I choked and gagged on his huge dick.  Suddenly the bathroom door lurches open, one of the pigs from earlier walked in and was frozen in the corner watching his eyes filled with desire. Than the tall blonde who was fucking me takes notice and says “You know you’ll never be able to fuck her right?” gulping the pig nods is head in agreement, but the blonde says “Well maybe you can at least you will know what her pussy smells like”.  Before I could even protest he throws him soaked panties. After some negotiation a 20 dollar bill is given to the blonde and the pig now has my lace panties in his clammy hands, he’s shaking with pleasure and rubs them all over his face sniffing, and licking. Finally he leaves and the blonde bends me over the sink pulls my skirt up over my ass and rams his cock into my asshole, I held onto the sink with all my strength trembling in pleasure. The pain of his huge cock ramming my ass and him pulling my hair was so orgasmic. One final yank of my hair and I am sent into pleasure overload. I am dripping in sweat, howling with pleasure as this amazing warm, fuzzy rush flowed over my body. I am standing in a pool of my own squirt juice and after 2 more thrusts I could feel my prolapsing ass being filled up with his hot thick cum. I collapsed in the corner and crying from the intense pleasure I had just felt. He left me laying and I wondered if I would ever feel his cock again.

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