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Real Mommy Mature Phone Sex

At Phone Sex Speaks we have always prided ourselves on offering first rate women and transsexuals at affordable rates. Our offerings provide you with a wide variety of every type of girl ranging from the barely legal teen, the hot busty cum lover and the experienced mature.

Mature Phone Sex

Take Kandice for instance. She is well into her forties, her kids are grown and has a real perverse streak.  when we interviewed Kandice to add to our phone sex staff her enthusiasm was hard to contain.

We first noticed was that she was extremely horny and could not stop touching herself. Kandice loves to fuck and claims she is just a heart beat away from having an orgasm. Kandice says her favorite way to play is when she is involved in kinky fantasy exploration and perverse sex acts. We cant describe all that she is into, since we are sure its illegal in some states.

Dirty Kandice

Kandice tells us the most rewarding sex play is with virgin young men. She claims the best tasting cum is that of a younger man who has never been with a woman.

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