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Live Phone Sex Therapy

Live Phone Sex isn’t just about getting your rocks off it can also be therapeutic. Take for instance you are having trouble pleasing your girlfriend and her orgasm is lacking you may want to talk to phone sex therapist Daisy for a little advice.

Live Phone TherapyDaisy is mature, attractive and has many years experience helping men, women and couples with all forms of sexual problems. She says the most common problem couples have is discussing between themselves what they really desire. In the end both partners learn to express their individual desires, thus enhancing their sex life.

Others desire to learn how to please who they are attracted to. Daisy says you would be very surprised how man women are complete failures at oral sex. Like wise men fail to learn there is a cadence and rhythm to orally pleasing a woman. Daisy says a few sessions working with both partners will help them enjoy oral sex to the fullest.

Another issue people seem to have is enjoying their individual fetishes. We all have them and they are connected to who you really are. usually its a lack of communication that causes fetishes to not be explored. You would be surprised what turns people on and opening up is the first step to complete satisfaction.

In the end not judging a person and letting them know they are okay is the key to a happy and healthy sex life.

Live Fetish Phone Sex

Live fetish phone sex is a great way to explore your sexual secrets with a non judgmental individual. You are free to express yourself and your secret desires with someone who share the same lustful ideas of orgasm as you do. You will find that your not alone with your wants and other people share your ideals.

Fetish Phone SexFetishes can manifest themselves in a variety of forms and practices. Among some are medical, BDSM, Age Play, cos play and more. The list is endless and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Take for instance a broad fetish, medical. That can involve enema exploration, where one gives another an enema. Naughty nurse and also a OB/GYN exams are often explored. Some more detailed then others.

There are actually social clubs that help you experiment with others who are of the same mindset. BDSM clubs are in every major city and offer a very safe outlet. BDSM clubs offer a secure way to enjoy bondage, orgasmic pain and humiliation. You will also learn new techniques to enhance you and your partners pleasure.

I would also remind you there is a way you can learn what you and your lover enjoy and that is through phone sex. Its a very affordable and live option to discuss with another your attracted to. Below is a very good place to start. Continue reading Live Fetish Phone Sex